Red Lips even in Summer?

As a girl who wears a matte pillarbox red lip on a daily basis, when it comes to Summer I am usually at a loss as which lip colour and texture to turn to.

Last year, for example, I rocked orange toned reds, such as MAC Vegas Volt and Lady Danger finished with a slick of MAC Lip Conditioner to protect my lips from the UK’s mild sun.
The year before I even headed down the pink route, with my all time favourite MAC bright  Girl About Town, but this year I was really at a loss.

Left- Vegas Volt.                   Right- Lady Danger

That was until the team at No7 introduced me to their new BB Lips and High Shine Lip Crayon.
Both offer a sheer slick of my favourite ‘real red’ colour, perfect for the long hot summer we are all awaiting!

I must admit I was a little bit wary of BB Lips to begin- really yet another product spouting this ‘BB’ / ‘CC’ nonsense?!! (I’m a little concerned this will carry on until we reach ‘ZZ’ in 2038….)

But, one simple application later and I had quickly reversed my opinion. 
My initial reaction was to how pigmented my ‘Berry Rose’ shade was. I imagined it would be a very sheer tint, but it actually gave me the depth of colour I usually experience from a cream or moisturising lipstick. The angled plastic end makes for simple application, even when mirror-less. But as the colour is so strong, I would still advise taking a peek in your compact just to check its looking good and neat!

With such a glossy finish, you would usually expect a sticky, tacky texture- but surprisingly BB Lips feel smooth and  very comfortable to wear. Packed with rich emollients and anti-oxidents, as well as an SPF 15, its the ideal lip care product to wear all year round.

Now, onto my High Shine Lip Crayon, in which I chose the red toned shade (surprise, surprise) ‘Berry’.

Shaped like a kids jumbo crayon, these glossy lip colours are perfect for a soft lip look. But, if like me you have an odd lip line, you may want to lightly line your lips in a matching shade, just to act as a guide line when applying.

One application leaves my lips with a slight hint of colour, but brilliantly, you can re-apply as many times as you wish to achieve as strong a colour as you wish! Like BB Lips, the finish is glossy, yet feels smooth and highly moisturising. 

Priced at only £8.50 and £9.00, and currently on a Buy 1 Get 2nd Half Price offer, these are definitely two summer staples I won’t be without!

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