Make-up International Magazine

A good few months ago now, I was briefly interviewed by the lovely people at Make-up International magazine, who wanted to know why I decided to start this blog and what changes I have seen in the industry of late.

It suddenly struck me, that having been in the beauty industry for ten years now, that A LOT has changed since I started down my chosen path. There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, and in fact, the first contact I made with production companies was via written letter, with a composition card enclosed, enabling them to see my work immediately. 
I couldn’t even tell you the last time I sent a letter, an email with a portfolio link, is now far easier and quicker than depending on the good old Royal Mail.

When I left the School of Make-up back in 2006, it was so important to have a network of fellow new artists as friends and this is exactly how I met my So Coco Rouge business partner, Robyn. After all, if you have had a bad day, haven’t been paid on time or are having a wobble over which product to use on which job, who else could you turn to? Your lifetime buddy who works in a 9-5 job with a guaranteed income definitely isn’t going to understand your woes that’s for sure. Yet, nowadays many make-up artist friends are made over the airwaves- of Facebook and Twitter to be precise.

In the past, if I was intrigued by the latest products, I would have bought the item myself, walking blindly into a costly purchase. Now? I research the item online, read industry expert blogs and even send a tweet out asking for reviews. It’s the same with techniques. Instagram has not only helped the consumer, but those step-by-step images can also inspire us professionals, especially when we find ourselves stuck in an ideas rut. 

I can still remember my tutor, Elaine Jones, explaining the latest change in TV, High Definition and how air applied make-up was gradually being introduced. Which was to the despair of some well established artists, who were much happier applying cosmetics with fingers and sponges, let alone an a brush or an airbrush. 

Now more than ever, I can see why we need to constantly follow trends, product developments and train in the latest techniques. After all, if we don’t keep up surely we’ll easily slip behind.

You can read the full interview in Issue 11 of Make-up International, available here. 

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