The best day ever.

Once again the busy pace of life has gotten in the way, and my writing time has been pushed into insignificance. From a business which is finally soaring high after 5 years of blood, sweat, tears and babies, to the happiest of home life with my man.

Time really does fly, and I couldn’t believe a year had passed since I first set eyes on Mr Flicks when we boarded our flight to Paris last weekend.

And I’m still in shock to find, I left the UK a typical loved up girlfriend and returned with a romantic fiancée on my arm! 

Yes- Mr Flicks popped the question in the most romantic city in the world, in the most romantic of ways.


Paris is at it’s most romantic in the rain

Have you seen ‘Midnight in Paris’? On of Woody Allens most romantic offerings, which quickly became a firm favourite of mine back in 2011, after catching it on a plane ride over to OZ. 

Gil, the main character is obsessed with the Art Deco, jazz age era of the 1920s (remind you of someone?) who visits Paris with his nightmare fiancée, who does not understand his love for the past.

Anyway, Gil takes a stroll one night and is transported back to the 1920’s when a vintage car pulls up outside the steps to a stunning church.
And this very church, Eglise Saint-Etienne-du-Mont, in the cities Latin Quarter, is the spot I was guided to, on this rainy Paris evening.
Whilst admiring the cobbled streets, jazz bars and nostalgia of the area, picturing Hemmingway and  Fitzgerald pulling up alongside me as they had in the film-  my gorgeous man went down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful Art Deco inspired ring.

And of course my answer was yes!!



24th August 2015, now officially known as ‘The Best Day Ever’

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