A Week of Red Lips

A small selection of my red lippys!

A small selection of my red lippys!

Last year some of you may rememeber me talking about the Red Lippy Project, a week of raising awareness of cerival cancer and screening, organised by the Eve Appeal.
This type of charity work is right up my street- all you need to do is simply wear red lipstick to show your support! Easy peasy!
When I first heard of the Red Lippy Project last year, I was eager to get on board. As a girl in her mid twenties, it scares me to think so many women of my age suffer from this type of cancer, and some even lose their lifes to it. The silent killer seems to be picking up it’s pace.
Only this year, local teenager Sophie Jones lost her battle at the tender age of 19. A mere 6 years short of the cervical screening age limit. Thankfully, due to her supportive family and friends, a petition named ‘Sophie’s Choice’ made it parliment on May 1st. From this we can hope the age limit may be lowered, and young women like Sophie can be saved.
I’m just thankful that I’m now post 25 and able to have my four yearly smear test.
Something I never thought I’d say I’d be thankful for.
So, how do you join me in supporting the Red Lippy Project?!
Simply wear your favourite red lippy each day, from June 8th to 14th, which just happens to be Cervical Screening Awareness Week.
If you are a social media lover like moi, then post your pic with the #RedLippyProject.
Make sure you follow their TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages too!
I’ll be trying a new shade of red each day- so make sure you follow me on Instagram- @sianlouiseauld to see my efforts!

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