Wedding venue = booked!

It’s finally finally finally booked!

Yes, our big day contract is signed, sealed and deposit delivered- and due to take place in 14 months time!

So, which venue did we choose?

Last time we talked, Mr Flicks and I were busy venue hunting and weighing up our options. One option being the dream venue. The little girl fairytale dream.

Luckily, upon our first drive upto the venue a few weeks back, it wasn’t just my heart that was all of a flutter, or one pair of eyes that couldn’t tear themselves away from the adornment of the ceilings. Both of us completely fell head over heels with the magic of the place.


Ceremony room

The place in question, is Knowsley Hall.

Knowsey Hall

But, after much budget calculating and working out how tight we can wear our belts, it seemed like a no-go.

Or so I thought.

And so I thought for two whole weeks.


Fast forward to Valentines evening, a candlelit dinner and my precious Ossie Clark dress. And to the surprise of finding my fiancé had decided to play a game of ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’

The date was set, the venue was secured and the registrar was booked. 

Yes, we are finally getting married!

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