It’s back to work I go

In the blink of an eye I have a six month old and I’m nearing a month officially back in work. And for those of you fearing the back to works blues, I hope you’ll be like me and have more of a walk in the park than a hike up a hill.

The last few weeks I had off I felt like I was grasping onto every tiny moment. Every smile, giggle and attempt to sit up I treated like they would be my last and treasured into a memory bank in my mind. But in reality, I’ve still had all of these on a daily basis, just in smaller doses. It really doesn’t feel like I’m missing much at all. In fact I’m enjoying feeling like Sian again, opposed to ‘Aces mum’.

Uniform, make up brushes and me back on set

Morning madness

All that said, I’ve never appreciated a 6am wake up cry more, and those bleary eyed hours we spend together every morning are my favourite times of the day. Our morning milk/coffee over Shane The Chef and his attempts to crawl to the window whilst I grab our breakfasts. But landing in work after dropping him at nursery to enjoy adult conversation and sip a hot coffee aren’t to be sniffed at either.

Breakfast time!

It was after reading (and enjoying may I add ) LaLux blog on a long journey down to Devon for a weekend of work that I decided to let my mind blurgh onto digital paper. And funnily enough I’ve constructed this post in-between days shooting on set and managing my emails. The times I imagined I’d be pining for him 🙈

But when you know they’re happy and settled without you, it’s good to put your mind to other things you enjoy, and in my case, this is work. I’ve been a hair and make up artist for over half my life, and I’m not about to give that up. However much I love spending time with my boy, those moments of picturing an idyllic life as a full time mum were just that. Moments.

6 months to fill

Like Lauren of LaLux, I imagined all the things I’d achieve on maternity leave. I’d travel (god knows how I thought we’d achieve that one 🙈), hone my business skills and nail motherhood like a pro. But the stark reality is that I drank a lot of coffee, gained more pounds than I did whilst growing a 9lb 10oz baby and bought A LOT of needless things online at 4am. Maternity leave is downright expensive. But I did reignite my love for blogging so there’s one win.

But seriously, on the upside I got to enjoy forming amazing friendships with some incredible mamas and act like a big kid at baby classes. I can sing the H-E-L-L-O song with gusto all day long.

One of my favourite times at Mini Magoos!

The time just flies. 6 weeks or 12 months, however long you take off, it’ll be gone in the blink of an eye with that babe you held delicately in your arms, growing more independent by the second. It’s a time I’ve absolutely cherished even in the most difficult of colic filled, downright exhausted hours.

Now it’s onto logistically manoeuvring life as a working mama, and gaining a bit more of my own identity back.

How did you find going back to work after maternity leave?

Sian x

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