An A-Maize-Ing Day Out

Well what a heat wave that was… you know before the storm arrived?!

We were supposed to be shopping for house essentials for the impending move 🤞🏻 but last Monday the sunny skies got the better of us and we skipped a motorway junction and headed to our local Summer favourite- Brimstage Maze.

Brimstage Maze sign and entrance

Only opening a few days prior to the schools breaking up, it was the perfect time to avoid the rush and experience it at its best.

We last headed down to Brimstage Maze 3 years ago amidst wedding planning, with Ace not a twinkle in our eye. We always commented we’d come back if we had children, and on this day- we did!

What’s so A-Maize-Ing about it?

Brimstage Maze is well, a Maze, made out of maize! Each year they plant the crop with a different design in mind, and of course this year, it is to celebrate 50 years since the moon landing.

Pram in a maize maze

You are given a booklet and a pencil with your mission to collect data to repair a damaged space buggy. Work your way through the maze successfully and you’ll have completed your task. Or follow our example and keep going until you panic and decide to ‘navigate’ towards the exit!!!

What else is there?

What isn’t there! Included in your admission price is a soft play centre, a vast outdoor space complete with water play, sand pits and jumping pillows and a cute tractor train offering trips round the site.

Tractor train

There is also a mini golf, go karts, zip wires and laser activities. You really can’t beat it for variety.

Dad and baby soft play

There’s ample green space with numerous clean, safe picnic benches available. The perfect place for a picnic, or pick something else from the snack shack if you don’t come prepared!

Outdoor play

What about the littlest ones?

There’s no denying that there is lots for someone of pre-school age to do. But is it worth a visit with just a baby?

I think so. We enjoyed the baby and toddler soft play area, which was extremely quiet compared to the older sections, the sand pits and generally letting Ace watch the children play around him. Just enjoying family time with a picnic on a blanket is sometimes just enough.

Baby in a sand pit

What do I need to know?

First up, the maze is advertised as buggy friendly. I bed to differ 🙈 Take a sling!!!

It was such a hot day, and such an impromptu trip that I didn’t pack the ErgoBaby. Rookie error.

The pram wheels got stuck in ditches more times than I care to remember and the poor kid practically needed a helmet on for the bumpy terrain. And my muscles the next day….😩

Mum and baby

Tickets are £9.50 per adult and those aged 3 and over, £9 if you book online. Parking is free and the ice cream is fairly priced. Next year we’ll definitely get the season ticket which gives you unlimited access for £28.50 per person.

I’d suggest taking a picnic to ease the costs of the day, and enjoy it in Brimstages ample green space.

If you are local to Wirral, living in Cheshire, North Wales, Liverpool or Merseyside, definitely give it a whirl. You can find lots of other ideas by checking out the website Wiki Places For Kids, for whom I’m an ambassador. You can read more about that here.

Sian x

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