Packing for a weekend away with a baby

Ace is one next month and he still hasn’t been on a proper holiday. If you’d have told me this a year ago I would of laughed my head off in disbelief.

We had plans for Amsterdam in February, Lake Bled in April and probably a week long all-inclusive (my idea of hell by the way…πŸ™ˆ) at the tail end of the summer.

But here we are in his 11th month and he’s about to go on his third weekend away in the UK. At least this time I’ve ventured out of my comfort blanket of the Premier Inn with attached Brewers Fayre πŸ˜‚

With health implications, house purchases and my new found travel anxiety, stepping out of the UK isn’t going to happen this year, so instead Ace is about to visit Yorkshire to celebrate his Nanny’s birthday.

But what to take?! Ace needs a lot less luggage than he did a few months ago, so much so that I can now fit it all into a post.

So here goes!


Ace is now on 3 7oz milk feeds a day, alongside 3 meals. Luckily our accommodation includes breakfast and we plan on eating out so we’ll order some goodies him on these occasions, but for the others you can’t go wrong with pouches. (Me 6 months ago would of been horrified by that πŸ™ˆ)

I really rate Babease as does Joe Wicks, and he’s basically the god of weaning right now so…

They are quite hard to get hold of, but I’ve picked Aces up at our local Superdrug, and you can grab them online too.

Other feeding bits which will come in handy include a silicone mat, pop up bowl and 360 cup with lid.

Milk wise, I’m a big lover of premades for making life on the go simpler. But, I’ve packed our travel kettle and more than enough of his powdered milk for morning and night feeds. Why am I taking my own kettle? Because I remember women at slimming world telling me they boil eggs in them to stay ‘on plan’ and now I have an irrational fear that Aces milk will contain stale egg. But apparently having this in my coffee doesn’t bother me one bit….. did you know I can be a bit irrational at times?! πŸ˜‚

Keeping it clean

For sterilising bottles I’ve packed good old Milton tablets and a plastic shoe box to do it in. Cold water sterilising used to baffle me, but actually it’s pretty quick and easy with no need to rinse.

I also take some washing up liquid, dish brush and tea towels to clean them properly in the bathroom sink. Oh the glamour- I remember the days this area was covered in make up and wine cooling in a filled sink!!


An outfit planned for each day, a spare outfit a day for any accidents and a babygrow or pj’s every night should suffice, or so I hoping. If not, what a good excuse to go shopping!!

I also pack cot linen, blankets, a sleep bag, muslins and more socks and bibs than days.

Don’t forget a coat, rain suit and sun cream too- it’s the UK remember. It’s going to be raining one minute and scorching the next.

Extra extra

Of course we need nappies, wipes and the like. Otherwise this would be one hell of a trip!

But I also pack calpol, a thermometer, teething gel and nappy rash cream. You just never know when you might need them!

And that’s us all packed and ready for the road!

What are your baby holiday essentials?!

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