A babies day out in Harrogate

It’s funny how things can change as time goes on isn’t it?

9 months ago when I took Ace to meet his relatives in Glasgow I was a great big ball of anxiety. Rushing through meals, scared he’d make a peek and interrupt other diners.

It’s this anxiety that’s stopped me taking him on a proper holiday (that and the move!) and I’m glad to say that after our recent trip to Yorkshire, that fog seems to be lifting.

Our day in Harrogate in particular was more enjoyable than I’d of ever imagined, and one I’ll remember very fondly.

Baby Valley Gardens

Where to eat with a baby in Harrogate

Harrogate might be famous for its scones at Betty’s– but we weren’t even going to risk it. Ace is a big fan of eating with his hands (and making as big of a mess as possible) and I didn’t think his fellow diners would appreciate that sort of entertainment. Instead we bought some treats from the shop for a little picnic over in Valley Gardens (more of that below!)

A few doors down from Betty’s is the chain Wagamama– one of my favourites. I wouldn’t have thought they’d be that child friendly, but I couldn’t of been more wrong. The staff were amazing and made us feel so very welcome.

Baby Wagamama

The kids menu is really decent too. I chose something simple for Ace and mashed it down to make it easier to eat, and he devoured it!!!!

I’ll definitely visit our local one with him now, it was one of the best dining experiences we’ve had with him by a mile.

Baby Wagamama

Places a baby can play in Harrogate

Luckily for us the sun had his hat on and we were eager to soak up the rays, and let Ace have some time out of his pram.

A short walk from Harrogate centre is Valley Gardens.

Mum and baby Harrogate

Lush green space is separated into unique areas including the Art Deco Sun Pavilion, Japanese Garden and Skatepark.

Valley gardens Harrogate

We spent some time leisurely taking it in before heading to the children’s play area, which catered for children of all ages with unique climbing areas.

Ace loved the swings and slide and it really helped him let off some steam after a day in the pushchair.

Children’s playground Valley Gardens Harrogate

Where are your top places to visit in your city?

Sian x

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