A family friendly weekend at Oulton Hall, Yorkshire

The last time I visited Yorkshire’s Oulton Hall, was 5 years ago, for Tom and my first weekend away together.

This time I headed back with our mini me to celebrate my mums birthday… hoping for a family friendly weekend. And luckily, that’s exactly what we got!

Oulton Hall Yorkshire, babies first holiday

On first look you wouldn’t expect such a swanky looking spa hotel to be that accommodating to noisy, messy 11 month olds. But in fact, they couldn’t of been more welcoming.

Oulton Hall Yorkshire, babies first holiday

From the moment we landed in reception with a squealing boy, an overflowing pram and 3 suitcases, they went above and beyond. With Graham especially making our journey to the room as easy as possible.

Oulton Hall Yorkshire, babies first holiday


Up on the second floor our quiet haven overlooked the hotel entrance. A spacious room complete with ‘lounge’ space and an area which was ready made for the travel cot provided.

Lots of storage helped keep our baby paraphernalia out of sight, taking the room back to its tranquil vibe.

Oulton Hall Yorkshire, babies first holiday

Alongside the tea and coffee making bits, is a fridge- and it’s not a one of those annoying mini bars, so there’s actually plenty of room to store the expressed milk, pouches (and obviously) tins of gin!

The bathroom was clean and spacious, and it was a real bonus noting the tap had a temperature setting. Keep it in the middle and you’ll have the perfect 38 degree baby bath. If you need it, you can also ask reception for a bath mat to avoid any accidents!

Oulton Hall Yorkshire, babies first holiday


On first appearance the candle lit restaurant looks pretty anti-baby, but once we’d been welcomed in by the attentive staff (the restaurant manager, a dad to a 17 month old himself, was particularly incredible) offered a beautiful wooden highchair and seated at a spacious table, all my worries melted away.

Oulton Hall Yorkshire, babies first holiday

Ace thoroughly enjoyed his scrummy three course meal from the children’s menu (finished off my us adults 😂😂) and was waited on hand and foot.

The breakfast buffet was also particularly baby friendly, with freshly made porridge and hot milk for weetabix, endless toast and creamy scrambled eggs were all a hit.

On our second night we decided to eat in the bar area, which is slightly cheaper but just as good. Again it doesn’t look family friendly, but Ace was welcomed into the bar area at any time of day.

Oulton Hall Yorkshire, babies first holiday

Gardens and beyond

In the glorious sunshine we enjoyed some time in the garden areas. The outside area is ideal for alfresco dining, cocktails at sunset or in our case a picnic blanket and a bottle of milk.

But if swimming and spa’ing is more your thing, you have that on offer too. They even have baby friendly swimming times, which I’ll definitely take part in on our next visit.

Oulton Hall Yorkshire, babies first holiday

Which we definitely will be. I’ve honestly had the most lovely weekend, and can’t recommend Oulton Hall enough for a family weekend away.

It’s certainly started to ease my travel anxiety and get these itchy feet back on the road!

Where do you like to holiday with your little one?

Sian x

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