Dear DDH parent…An open letter to hip dysplasia families

I’d never planned to write this post. I didn’t jot down initial ideas in drafts, waiting for a spare hour to so to let the words flow. Or plan a post around an event, purchase or pretty picture.

It’s come from my streams of tears (the happy kind) in a massively long queue in Primark. Thank god for the WordPress app hey.

So here goes…

Dear DDH parent,

You will never know what your kind words mean to me. The beautiful messages that you send weekly really lift my spirits and give me that warm, fuzzy feeling.

When I started to document Aces hip dysplasia journey, it was simply my way of coping. Emptying my head in the hope it would ease my fears.

I’d googled every hip associated word but only landed on one UK blog (Pondering Parenthood) who, after one teary 2am message, eased some of my fears. But being the control freak I am, I needed more. I can never get enough information- I’m all or nothing. And I know some of you are too.

So my outpourings became a way of giving something back. A place to gain an insight into life with a baby with DDH and someone to connect with over what can feel like a lonely place.

During our journey, Instagram became by retreat. Fellow DDH mums supporting each other in daily DMs, sharing experiences and tips. And now, nearing a year later, I’m finding parenting reaching out to me, simply from finding this blog- which truly makes my day.

Because I get you. I get the anxiety, the fear and the guilt of feeling that way.

I know that knot in your stomach when people stare at your harnessed baby.

I understand that you’re keeping your head down at baby classes, so you don’t see the other parents faces, wondering what’s wrong with them.

I know how important numbers and angles are and why 60 in our magic number.

I’ll always see a bread knife as a tool to cut up a Bumbo.

I understand the excitement of finding M&S clothes after weeks of people rolling their eyes at the frustration of having no nice clothes for your little one.

I feel your pain of walking for miles to avoid a car seat pressing thighs together and out of a frog like position.

And I know the joy you’ll feel when they are given the all clear.

I know what your going through, and I want you to know that I’m always here to talk.

Think of me as that mum you’ve met at an ante- natal class or local playgroup. Think of our online chats as a catch up with a friend. And feel the virtual hug I send you when time gets tough.

Because until there’s enough of us to make a physical support group happen, you’ll always have a virtual one in me.

That I can promise you.

Sian x

You can find me for hip chats over on Instagram @flicks_and_red_lips 😘

2 thoughts on “Dear DDH parent…An open letter to hip dysplasia families

  1. sincerelykristenleigh says:

    From one DDH mama to another, you captured this raw roller coaster so well. Thinking of you and your little one ❤ My babe has her next x-ray check in a few weeks and the build up of emotions are already pounding in my chest, but thankful for the community of other hippie mama's here to support one another!


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