About Me

I find there is something so calming about sitting down and jotting down my thoughts. You could almost say it’s my therapy. And a therapy I’ve visited on and off for the past six or so years, as you’ll find if you enter the deep dark archives here.

From make up hauls, wedding woes and travel tales I’ve shared it all along the way, so it only seems right that this is the place I’ve turned after becoming a mum. (However if you are a fellow itchy footed wannabe jet setter, head over to A Weekend Escape where I empty my mind after every trip)

As I’m sure you have guessed by the name, I’m a Make-up obsessive, who can often, if I’ve had enough sleep, can be found rocking a red lip and fluttering my lashes beneath a vintage flick of liner. In fact, I think these days the name ‘Baby sick and red lips’ is more suited to this page!!

Anyhow, thanks to the few of you who read my thoughts- your presence is very much appreciated! If you want to see more, head over to Instagraminstagram.com/flicks_and_red_lips and follow me there too.

Much love,

Sian xx

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