little boy playing in a yellow playroom

Isolate and Decorate- The Playroom Makeover

Lockdown is finally easing here in England, and there’s many things I have cherished during this difficult time. Precious time with Ace as he grows from a babe to a boy and finally turning our house into more of a home.

The playroom was always up there as a space I was desperate to decorate. Well, desperate for someone else to decorate actually. I didn’t trust myself or my shoddy rushed skills doing it after work. But this time has proved that I can do rather neatly myself, and I’d actually enjoy it and find it therapeutic to boot. Who would of thought!

Yellow and blue geometric wall painted

Mellow Yellow

It was always yellow. Since the moment I brought the mustard stressless recliner into our Navy home, I knew a yellow wall was crying out for a life here. After much paint chart drooling, we opted for India Yellow by Farrow and Ball. And luckily I persuaded Tom to let me decorate when Europe started to lockdown, so I popped to our local B&Q and had the shade matched my Valspar, in the days before social distancing became the norm.

Why Valspar?

I’ve used Valspar for years, matching other brands colours and matching up to cushions, curtains etc. I’ve always liked it and found the price point much more budget friendly. Our playroom is also in the open plan section of the house, adjacent to the kitchen- so we had to use kitchen paint just to be safe. This was a bit tricky to paint with, to say the least.

Beige room
Before… beige beige beige

Decorating centre online however have amazing reviews and have still be delivering during lockdown, so I plan to give them a go in the future!

Beige room

Half and half

Being a 1930s-1940s property, most rooms have picture rails- but- the playroom space does not. (Cue tears…)

Painting the yellow up to the ceiling we felt would be too overpowering, so instead we got ourselves some frog tape and some brilliant white kitchen paint and got to work on a sectioned wall. Top half white, with a splash of mustard on the bottom.

Top tip- paint your first colour (in our case, white) and wait around 5-7 days to ensure it’s properly dried, before applying your frog tape. The last thing you need is stripping your other paint off!

Is that straight?

In an older property- nothing is!! After deciding where we wanted our break line to be (in our case, in line with the edge of the boiler in the corner that can’t be hidden!!) we marked out dots across the wall and then used a stretch of ribbon stuck down at the ends with masking tape as our guide. Checking this was straight to the eye (there was zero point with a spirit level in our place) before applying the tape slowly directly above it.

Beige wall frog tape line
Frog tape time!

Top tip– use pressure and the heat of your fingertips to really press the tape down, especially the edge you’ll paint against.

Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

The Valspar paint dried so quickly that if you rolled over the same area it would come straight off 🙈 after numerous variations I found a knack to it.

  1. Cut into your edges and let them really dry
  2. Apply paint to your roller
  3. Start at a cut in point and roller in one steady line down or up to meet your other cut in point. Apply firm pressure.
  4. Repeat, aligning your roller so it’s adjacent to the previous line.
  5. Once dry, fill in any gaps.
  6. Thankfully the second coat will go on a dream!
Baby boy in yellow playroom

Adding a feature

I was determined this room would have a little feature. I went between mountain scenes, leopard print panels and chalkboard walls- but it was my mug that gave me a little inspo.

Mug in front of yellow and blue wall

Two simple triangular shapes, helping to join the new dining room decor and playroom together.

Wall frog taped geometric shapes
Frog taped and ready to go!

We plotted this out using ribbon at first before going in with our frog tape again.

Tacky stripping?

Remember you must strip your frog tape back when the paint is tacky! Given that this paint dries so quickly, we did it almost immediately. Peel back the edge and pull back on itself rather than up and outward for a cleaner finish.

Geometric yellow and blue colour wall art


The playroom is finally complete! It was so lovely to get the artwork from Ace’s old nursery into the space and it already feels like home.

Have you done any decorating whilst isolating? I’d love to see what you’ve been up to!

Sian x

Yellow and blue open plan house
Joining a play space to a dining space

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