More Magazine Interview

What a sad day for the editorial industry.
This morning it was announced that production of best selling teen/early 20’s glossy ‘More Magazine’ has been suspended, after a glorious 25 years.
Bauer Media made the announcement today, informing all fans that the last issue will be released tomorrow, April 23rd. No doubt this will be an issue many twenty-odd year old women will cherish.
My first memory of More Magazine, involves a boring maths lesson, lots of giggling and a rude awakening to the skills a Sex Education didn’t teach!! Every fortnight my friends and I would reach into our pocket money and sneak out during our lunch break to the corner shop. 
Usually red faced from assuming the newsagent knew which page we would be flicking to first!!
I was delighted when, back in 2011, More writer Natalie Blenford contacted me about a feature called ‘My Dream Job’ , in which I spoke about my work at So Coco Rouge.
Looking back at this article today, it will always be one of my career highlights. It’s not many of us that can say what they read at the back row of a maths lesson lead onto being featured in said pages of the magazine a matter of years later.
(And my this I mean the beauty pages, not the latter, much to my mums relief!!!) 
Here is the article- enjoy!

If you’ve already read Part 3 of our life and career guide, these girls will really inspire you to go for the job you’ve always wanted!

Now meet the more! readers doing their ideal job…

Name: Sian-Louise Auld Age: 24 Job: Co-director of So Coco Rouge 

The details: ‘With my friend Robyn, I run an agency in Liverpool called So Coco Rouge. We have ten make-up artists in our team, and my job is to find them work and help them get established in the make-up industry, which can be very competitive. We send girls on fashion shoots, to TV sets and to events in Liverpool. We recently did the make-up for a new Dracula movie, which was great fun! I typically start work at 8am and work through till 8pm. Some days, I get the train to London to meet potential clients and do make-up myself on shoots. No two days are ever the same and I Iove my job!’

How I got here: ‘I left school at 16 and went to night school to do make-up training and beauty therapy. I then did some work experience and that led to a place in a make-up school in Manchester. At the school, I met Robyn, and after five years of working as a freelance make-up artist, we set up So Coco Rouge in January 2011. We’ve got a great office at the heart of Liverpool’s cultural quarter, and it’s amazing running my own business.’

Top-tip: ‘Find a partner to help you get your business idea off the ground. Robyn is my best friend so I can be completely honest with her about everything. Also, get help from a local business service, like Business Link. Writing a business plan and sorting out a bank account can be stressful, but there are people out there who can advise you on how to do it. Also, find a mentor. Keep in touch with everyone you do work experience with and ask for advice from someone who’s already doing what you want to do.’

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