Boots No7 Project

My first project as a cosmetics expert has come through pretty quickly, thanks to my brilliant agents, Red24Management at the stunning Hospital Club near Covent Garden (If we lived closer, Robyn and I would kill to have our HQ here!!! One day!)

It’s a great project that takes me right back to me roots- my first ever job- at my local Boots store, working on the fragrance counter and drooling at the No7 counter that was opposite me. 
At every given chance I’d jump on there and help the customers with their product enquiries, which luckily lead to the opportunity to cover counters during low staff and taking me down the make-up route I so desperately wanted to explore.

So getting the phone call from Joanna, at Red24, sharing the news that Boots themselves had chosen me, and a top make-up artist and blogger, Kath Gould for their latest product launch was a dream come true! After many conference calls, hundreds of emails and countless sleepless nights, myself and Kath were announced as the Cosmetics Experts and Social Media Managers for their innovative Foundation Match Made Service.

The Match Made Service, in case you haven’t heard (and you should of- it really it the word on every women’s lips) is a revolutionary device No7 have spent 3 years researching an developing. The small hand held device has a 8 LED and 1 UV light, which enter the skin at a variety of angles. The device then takes a number of photographic images of your skin to match you with your correct foundation shade from their extensive range. The range incidentally is vast. No7 have tested 2000 UK women’s skin tone to develop 17 skin true shades, which are available across all 7 formulation types. Phew!

I was lucky enough to pop into mu local store and old workplace to enjoy the service on launch morning, where counter manager Kelly matched my shade to Deeply Ivory. After a thorough analysis of my skin type and amount of coverage/look I required, Kelly suggested I try Stay Perfect or Beautifully Matte, depending on my look that day. But I couldn’t leave without some to try in work, so I ended up with 6….well they were on 3 for 2 after all!

I can honestly say I love them both, and I’m really impressed with the shade chosen by the device. if only I could have one of these in my kit for emergencies- I’d make life on a dark set so much easier!

One week into my project for No7, and I love it. Answering women’s queries and seeing their excitement for the product and new range on Facebook is infectious. Its great to hear their relief at finally having the stress taken out of choosing that all important base!

Take a look at the page I work on here-

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