The Red Lippy Project

If you have enjoyed reading my past blog posts then you’ll be well aware of the following two facts-
1. I love wearing every shade of Red Lipstick (not that this page title gives that away…)
2. I am a great supporter of raising awareness of cancer and finally finding a cure.

So, when I heard about the Eve Appeal joining forces with The Red Lippy Project during Cervical Screening Awareness Week, I knew getting involved would be right up my street. 

From the 9th, until the 15th June, I’ll be rocking a new shade of red every day, in the hope it will spark conversations leading to the topic of cervical screening. Which, lets be honest girls, is a topic we all shy away from more often than we should. If Movember has worked in getting our guys checking themselves, then a girly gossip over a MAC lipstick should surely be easy?!

Cervical screening, or smear tests as we most commonly refer to the process as, is a topic my close friends and I have discussed at length, especially since the sad passing of Jade Goody back in 2009 and the introduction of the HPV vaccine in schools.
Until we reached the screening age of 25 last year, we often left in limbo- too old for the vaccine and too young for screening. What about us? What if our health is already in danger?

That said,  when my 25th birthday arrived, along with the clearly marked NHS letter, I honestly couldn’t of been more scared. So scared, that I was nearly in the 32% of 25-29 year olds who missed their first screening.  Thankfully, during a routine doctors appointment 9 months later, my GP put her foot down. I wasn’t leaving until it was done. 

And, honestly? It was nowhere near as bad as I imagined and thankfully I was one of the lucky ones, my results came back clear.

So ladies, lets get involved and encourage all of our female friends to attend screening!
 ‘Be bold, be glamorous, and join the Red Lippy Project’
You can follow the fun by visiting their TwitterInstagram and Facebook
To finacially support the Eve Appeal’s important research, you can also donate here

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