Scousing it up with Lorraine 

It’s not every week you put on a clean pair of pjs, throw your hair in Sleep in Rollers and pop round to your friends house for a brew with a camera crew.

But then in sure it’s not in ITV Lorraine’s Giovanna Fletcher’s normal life to arrive in Liverpool for a scouse makeover at the hands of So Coco Rouge


The Rougettes behind the scene

Yet a few weeks ago, that’s just what occured! And tomorrow morning, bright and early, you’ll be able to see just what we were up to with Tom Mcflys other half!

Now, those of you who know us, will understand we are probably the LEAST stereotypical scouse salon in the area. We hate bold brows, prefer paler skin tones and would never leave our homes with rollers in. But, like every preened Liverpudlian, we like to pamper ourselves and make sure we look our very best at all times. From picking up some milk, grabbing some lunch or indulging in a night of cocktails, we like o make sure we look and feel on top form.

Busy filming!

So, we treated G to an afternoon of pampering, with a speciality Kelly Blow Dry (our clients know exactly these change your life…. Serious root boast and gorgeous bounce) and a flawless make over from our fabulous Robyn. Plus some girlie gossips and classic one liners from me.


The finished look!

You’ll have to tune in to ITV tomorrow from 8.25-9.25am to see exactly what G made of our efforts!

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