Bridal Skincare

A big part of my make-up and hair work in Liverpool is Weddings, and its a part I really adore!  
All of the brides I ‘make-up’ for their big days are special. But the one I have in less than three weeks time? Well, shes just something else entirely. Not only is she special, she is one of my bestest, closest and oldest friends.

Moi, and the bride-to-be also called Sian!

After being present at their first meeting, secretly being in on him popping the question last year, and now finding myself in my first (of many, i hope!!) bridesmaid dress, to say this bride and her wedding are a big part of my life is an understatement. 

And as a make-up, hair and beauty junkee it was pretty obvious from the off that I would be taking the role of ‘Wedding Beautifier’ (along with my bridesmaid title of course!)
So, with lots of you getting married this summer, I thought it was the perfect time to reveal 
‘The Sian’s’ pre-wedding beauty kit! 

First up- Skincare! Although every bride I work with wear’s a type of foundation on the big day, having a glowing complexion to begin with really enables us to the minimal amount possible. After all, make-up should be used to enhance your beauty, not mask it.
For the past few months Sian has been using the award winning range from Liz Earle– the Beautiful Skin Kit in particular, which features the celebrated Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.

You start by applying 2 pumps of cleanser to dry skin and massaging in circular motions – starting at the centre of the face. Rich enough to remove a full face of make-up, this cleanser is still gentle enough to use over the most delicate eyes to remove stubborn eye make up too! Next, wring one of the muslin cloths in warm-hot water and hold open over skin for a few seconds, before using to sweep off cleanser. Finish with a splash of cold water before sweeping a cotton pad soaked with Instant Boost Skin Tonic over skin. 
For super soft and hydrated skin, massage Skin Repair Moisturiser in upwards and outwards movements twice a day. Packed with Vitamin E and Anti-oxidants, this replaces lost moisture and protects against dryness. 

For the perfect first kiss, its essential brides-to-be keep their lips hydrated 24/7!
Sian loves the Fabulips kit from Bliss, which includes a lip cleanser, scrub, plumper and balm for under £40. They are also the products used in the Bliss Spa for their lip treatments- so you can treat yourself to a spa treatment at home every day!
Begin with the foaming lip cleanser, which removes even the darkest lip stain! Next, remove any dry rough areas with the sugar lip scrub- featuring vanilla and orange it smells delightful!
(NB- this does contain nuts and is NOT suitable for those with nut allergies)
Finish with the minty flavoured lip plumper and/or Fabulips lip balm for smoother, softer lips.
How can he resist?!
Next we’ll be looking at making our locks luscious and our body beautiful!

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