Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Red Carpet Lipstick

Birthdays are pretty amazing aren’t they?

You get to spend quality time with loved ones, whilst usually indulging in tasty treats and fizz by the bucket-load. That in itself is a special gift, especially in the 24/7 work world we now live in.

But my loved ones spoilt me rotten in physical gifts too, which I am most gratful. One gift in particular was rather sought after- a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick.


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution

I’ve drooled over Charlotte’s range since its launch a few years ago, when I purchased her famous Rock and Khol. (Which is fabulous by the way, its a great formula and perfect for flicks!) The golden lipstick cases take you back to a bygone era, full to the brim with Hollywood glamour. The packaging alone is Oscar worthy. 


Red Carpet Red

But, oh my! When you screw up that Bullet and see velvet smooth, rich colour complete with a detailed tip, it’s love at first sight. 

My gorgeous friend chose the Red Carpet Red shade, which was an excellent choice! A girl can never ever own too many classic red lipsticks, and this one in particular will make me smile on even the rainiest of days. 


Red Carpet Red

So how does it wear? So far so good! 3 cups of coffee and 6 hours of wear and we are still pretty much perfect. Plus it feels creamy and smooth- hard to find in a matte formula!



Ah the love of a classic red lip continues! 

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