Instyler Tulip

Pretty much two years to the day I left, I found myself back down in London within the fabulous studios of shopping channel QVC

I always feel an odd sense of nostalgia visiting aspects of my life or career I thought I had left behind, and almost a vibe of déjà vu. 

Anyway, the brand that’s led me to return to the big smoke is Instyler, and their cult product, the Tulip.  

Instyler have created a range of products designed especially with the consumer in mind, however they work just as well in the salon or photo shoot environment. 

The Tulip is an auto-curler which quickly and easily creates a range of curls and waves within a matter of seconds. From beachy waves, loose curls, vintage waves, big bouncy curls or even defined, sculpted ones, Tulip can create it all!

The beauty of Tulip? You simply insert your hair, press a button, wait for 3 consecutive beeps and voila! 

With 3 heat settings, 3 time options and even 3 directions to choose from, Tulip can be used on all hair types, textures and most lengths. 

Now, the direction button might not seem such a big deal at first- but for me, this is the greatest tool. When creating beachy, soft waves you want to change the direction of the curl with each section. Trickier to do than you’d imagine! When I curl my own hair, I can master one direction whilst massively struggle with the other, leaving sections of my hair looking a tad lacklustre to say the least.

With Tulip, you simply select ‘Alternate’ directions, and leave it to do the hard work for you! This also takes the concentration out of hair styling- it can be tricky to remember which way you should be going next! 

If you like to style your hair into a vintage wave, you want all your curls to be uniform and following the same direction- again Tulip makes this easy peesy! Simply select the correct heat and time setting for your a medium curl for your hair type and let Tulip work it’s magic! 

Scared about burns or even tangling? No need. Tulip comes complete with Anti-Tangle technology and a handy Petal guide, to ensure you select the correct amount of hair to insert into the barrel.

Said barrel is contained with the Tulip unit, meaning you have no risk of burning your skin, ear or scalp. I’m pretty sure we’ve all burnt our fingers or forehead at one time when using traditional heated barrels haven’t we?!

So what’s not to love?! Salon worthy hair in the comfort of your own home even sounds good to me!

You can catch me talking all things Tulip on QVC on 30th May 2016. There’s a pretty  TSV special offer you just won’t want to miss too!

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