Bridal Beauty

Now for the final instalment of my bridal series- and the all important finishing touches! As you are now aware, it’s only 2 weeks until my best friend, Sian, gets married and we thought we’d share her bridal beauty tips here for all you brides-to-be!

First up, it’s our hands, which we know will be one of the main focus’s of our guests attention- after all they will be dying to see that sparkler!

Well, you’ve always use rubber gloves when washing up, and treated your hands to a weekly exfoliating treatment right!? Well, if your like me, and the majority of women I know- No we haven’t! So what can we do to ensure your hands are in tip-top condition with skin as soft as a babies in a matter of weeks?!

Fear not, Soap and Glory to the rescue! Their Endless Glove is. 2-in-1 hand treatment, consisting of both a hand cream and moisture mask. Packed full of Shea butter, Grape-seed and Macadamia oils this leaves your hands thoroughly hydrated for up to 12 hours. Simply apply- concentrating on the back of the hands- these are most exposed to the elements remember- and let this cream do the rest!

To lock in extra moisture, try applying before bed and popping on a pair of Cotton Gloves, Marks and Spencer do a great pair for a bargain price of £3.  It may not be the most attractive of looks, but hey, he’s agreed to marry you hasn’t he!

Next up, it’s our feet! A brand I have recently been introduced to is Margaret Dabbs. Margaret is an award winning foot care specialist and even has a ‘sole spa’ in one of my favourite stores, Liberty in London. 
Luckily for us, Margaret’s range is available to use in the comfort of our own home!
For silky soft feet- essential for dancing the night away- treat your feet to the exfoliating foot mousse hydrating treatment oil and Intensive hydrating foot lotion.

Wearing a strapless and sleeveless dress? Then remember, during a bleak winter these areas are usually kept under wraps! Slough away dead skin and reveal a glowing complexion with Orgins Ginger Body Scrub. Used on wet skin in the shower, this scrub is a true luxury and one I have used for years. (NB- ginger is also an aphrodisiac, so remember to use this one on your wedding morning!)

And finally- scared you’ll be overcome with emotion and give in to a good blubber? If you have a make- up artist, they will insist you wear waterproof mascara. So, if you are doing your own, make sure you invest in a good mascara! The latest offering from No7, Stay Perfect Mascara, is practically life proof and won’t budge. Expect to wake up with perfect lashes the next day!

If a more natural look is more you, then try RapidLash Enhancing Serum. I’ve yet to have the pleasure of trying this product, but looking at the customer reviews it seems like a sure winner! Apply every night before bed and within 30 days you should notice your lashes look longer and fuller . If you have tried this I’d look to hear your thoughts!

And that’s it! Your all set! 
Most importantly, enjoy every second of your big day. The one thing all my brides tell me after, is that it all flew by in a whirlwind. So try and take a moment and let all the emotion and happiness sink in. 
To all of you getting hitched this summer, I wish you all, a lifetime of love and happiness! 

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