No7 Match Made Lipstick Service

Let me begin this midweek morning by asking you this- do you think you wear the right shade of lipstick?

Is your answer yes? If so, is that because it matches or compliments your outfit? Because your friend said it looked nice? Or even because your favourite celebrity icon, with the same hair colour as you wears it?

Or, is it because it compliments the tone of your complexion? Because surely that’s the most important factor of all.

Thankfully, the genius’ behind the Boot’s brand No7 are at hand once again, with their handy Match Made Device. This clever device is simply held against your throughly cleansed skin (preferably near the jaw), before taking a number of photographic images of your skin to match you with not only your correct foundation and concealer shade, but your perfect lippy too!

But how many different lip colours will we have to choose from? Surely it’s a little dull to have ONE perfect lipstick? Well, worry no more, because the new No7 range features 43, yes 43, new lip colours, across their long lasting Stay Perfect and rehydrating Moisture Drench ranges. Phew, that’s a lot of lipstick!

The new shades are divided into 6 categories Coral, Plum, Natural, Red, Light Pink and Dark Pink– I think we all know which section I’ll be favouring!

So, morning coffee down, it’s time to see which foundation, concealer and lipstick shade I’ll be matched with! I visited my local Boots store, Liverpool Clayton Square, where the lovely Kayleigh was to here to help.



No7 Advisor Kayleigh


Firstly, the Match Made Device is held against your lower jawline, where the super-duper camera detects your skintone and the perfect shade of No7 foundation and concealer. I have very naughtily not been ‘match made’ for two years- and my skintone has changed from Cool Ivory to Cool Vanilla




The device takes my reading




My result- Cool Vanilla


Then, your expert advisor introduces you to your perfect lipstick shade selection, after a brief consultation of the type of colours you usually pick or shy away from. Shock horror- I chose Red and Plum.

After swatching four shades- Pomergranite, Loganberry, Soft Cherry and Soft Paprika on the back of my hand, I chose to try Soft Paprika, which is part of the Moisture Drench range.


The device them offers a range of lipstick shades


This booklet offers swatches of all 43 shades


My chosen shades- L-R- pomegranate, Loganberry, Soft Cherry, Soft Paprika


I really like this shade, it’s a little more coral toned than I would usually choose, but complete with a natural looking base (Kayleigh used Stay Perfect foundation and  Instant Radiance concealer finishing my complexion with a peachy pink blush) it was definitely a shade I was happy to leave store with!

This service is now available in larger Boots stores. If you are stuck in a lipstick rut, or even just fancy a change, I’d highly suggest you visit your local No7 Advisor!



The products Kayleigh used


finished look with Soft Paprika

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