From the heart- Love My Dress feature

Yesterday was a pretty emotional day. Our very first MUA Pro students at The Rouge School flew the nest, I waved off Robyn for her week of much needed time off and my heart-felt writing was published on one of my all time favourite blogs.

Love My Dress


Love My Dress

Love My Dress is a well known wedding site, featuring beautiful inspirational images and stunning real weddings, to whet the appetite of any bride-to-be. But, this year they have also featured heart felt musings of their readers, every Sunday, in their ‘From The Heart‘ segment.

And this little corner of the World Wide Web is where my words found themselves yesterday in a surprise addition to my weekend. After submitting my piece a few weeks ago, after fiercely typing away over my brew, I totally forgot about the prospect of it actually being published. That was until a lovely email from editor Annabel pinged into my email inbox first thing Sunday morning, waking me up with great excitement.


Love My Dress

My article was dedicated to my dear dad, and father-in-law to be,  and how planning a wedding brings so many raw emotions to the surface. Personally, I find writing a great way to explore my emotions and ‘let go’ of any pent up sorrow, and I hope those in a similar situation found some comfort in my words.

You can read the post in its entirety by visiting Love My Dress.

Sending lots of love to you all xxx

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