I’m back… with a bump

Well, a bump that’s now a baby!

pregnancy announcement baby G


It’s been far too long since I penned my thoughts over in this little space. A space that I see has been ticking over nicely- hello to all the avid Far-flung No7 fans who seem to enjoy my previous posts more and more each month!

What’s happened?

A lot has happened since I last logged in forgot my password. I’m now happily married, and our big day went like a dream. (Bare with me and I’ll bore you with the details soon enough) I’m still working my brushes with many a bride and there is lots of exciting projects in the pipeline with So Coco Rouge.

I’m no longer working with the big boys No7 and QVC however- commuting to the big smoke has long gone. And my beauty reviews? Well, let’s just say the beauty blogger world is saturated enough without another 30 plus year old sticking her nose in.

Where have I been?

I’ve still been writing, but after our epic honeymoon I felt more inclined to shift my focus onto travelling. I can only write about my passions or as an emotional outlet, so spilling the beans on our adventures has kept my creative juices flowing. You can find my travel news over on A Weekend Escape if you’re interested.

Women walking with pram in autumn

So why am I back?

Good question. Well as a new mum lost in a world of finding her feet and keeping a not so tiny human happy and healthy, my mind kept wandering to what it needed to get out. And trust me, writing it down on pen and paper with a baby boy practically surgically attached to your arm is near damn impossible. A phone with an easy to use app however, is apparently very doable.

So here I am. Spilling my brain cells and adding a New Mum chapter to this little home that’ll continue to grow with me in sure. I’ll still be rocking flicks and red lips come my 80th shindig I’ll be telling you. But a more appropriate name for this home at the moment however is definitely Baby Sick and Red Nips .

Sian x

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