Instyler Titanium Hairstyling System 

Curling, straightening, smoothing, volumising. All from one tool.

A straightener? No. A wand? Nope. A tong? Not too far off

No, the tool that creates so many styles is another treat from Instyler, this time their Titanium Hairstyling System. 

Designed for making daily hairstyling quick and easy for the  every day women, this multi functional tool is ideal for all hair lengths, textures and types. It can add body to fine, limp hair, eliminates frizz, transforms into polished straight locks from natural waves and can even create smooth curls. 

Simply detangle dry hair and take 1-3 inch sections at a time.

The Instyler features a heated rotated barrel with two sets of ionic bristles brushes- one to smooth and align hair and the other to polish. One you insert hair and close the Instyler, the barrel begins to rotate, smoothing and lifting each individual hair strand. 

Slow and steady wins the race, and unlike traditional flat irons, this won’t lead to indentation marks or damage. In fact you can run the Instyler over hair up to 3 times without risking damage to her hair- all thanks to the ceramic tourmaline barrel.

Frizzy or kinky roots? Open the Instyler and gently run the barrel over the root area before clamping the tool over the section of hair you wish to style.

With two heat settings and lots of techniques at hand, you really can create anything.

For example, when you fancy flicky ends, run the Instyler down the hair shaft as normal until you reach two thirds of the way down. Release the hair and flip the Instyler over so the Barrel is on the top. Twist your wrist at the end to create a gentle flick of the hair. 

Or maybe you want a loose, soft curl. Open the Instyler and wrap your section of hair round like a traditional tong. Close the tool and hold in place for a few seconds. Release the hair to reveal a smooth, shiny curl!

This really is a ‘no effort’ tool- say goodbye to your round brush, rollers and flat irons, this little beauty does it all!

I’ll be on QVC showcasing the Instyler range on May 30th, with lots of special offers!  

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