Weaning Winners

Summer has finally arrived! Hurrah!

It’s been absolutely scorching (you know, for the UK) here, and it’s been great getting outdoors and letting Ace explore grass for the first time.

Anyway, as promised last week, this post is a simple run down of my winning buys for weaning. Obviously everyone is different and we all know very well by now that every baby is different too. But, hopefully some of these might work for you too!

Sippee Cup

I’m still flabbergasted by the different types of sippee cup on the market. How many ways is there to drink your first sips of water?!

This was a real trial and error for us, and I’m sure the ones getting dusty at the back of the cupboard will be flavour of the month again come later in the year. But for now, Ace is all about his Tommee Tippee 360 cup.

We started with a traditional soft spout cup before trying the Dr Browns Straw Cup. Both of which he refused to take a sip from. The only thing at this point he’d drank water from, was a normal plastic bottle of it. And this only occurred because he swiped his Daddy’s bottle and went for it.

Luckily a friend suggested the 360 and we haven’t looked back. He absolutely loves it. So much so that we have to take it off him to eat, because he’d quite happy sip from it all day long.


Ah spoons. Again, it’s a minefield. Soft top, chunky handle, bamboo?! We have it ALL.

My cutlery drawer is sporting more neon plastic than metal these days.

Slowly he’s adjusting to the mammoth spoons we have on offer, but to begin with only one would do. The UKI.BE teething spoon.

Thanks to POP, I spied this gem on Instagram when Ace was around 4 months and it was suggested as a teething item and a way to help babies understand how to use a spoon. Well it’s genius!! He absolutely loves it, and it helped ease him into spoon feeding like a pro.

Possibly my best baby buy this year.

Plates and bowls

Obviously I ran out at my first available opportunity to buy some Bamboo Bamboo goodies. I, erm, I mean Ace, just needed them!

The bowl is a decent size so I’ll definitely enjoy my breakfast from it too, and I love the sections in the animal plate. However, in my opinion it’s definitely more suited to finger foods or baby led weaning. So I think it’ll become a winner as time goes on.

But I’ve surprised myself in that often Ace has been fed from a ‘Normal’ bowl or a plastic one without a suction cup (let’s be honest, does suction ever really work?!) so it’s definitely not worth spending the earth on them early on.

Note to self 😬


You would of seen more pawning over the Young Gums book over on my insta stories weeks ago. Imaging Ace and I sharing a burrito in a bowl and having matching Birchers for brekkie. But 5 weeks in and I’ve yet to make a recipe from it.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but think this will come in more handy in the coming weeks and even years to come. So it’s not a NEED TO BUY NOW purchase.

Whilst Ella’s Kitchen First Foods and Annabel Karmel First Foods have become my bibles, pushing the trendy coffee table books to the back of the pile. But again, this is solely because I’ve gone down the traditional purée route. If you are doing BLW I imagine these are both pretty pointless buys.

And hey, I’m a sucker for a pretty wall chart.

Anything else?!

Aside from the above, my top tips (not that I am entitled to top tips whatsoever 🙈) are the following-

  1. Pick up an off cut of oilcloth to pop up the high chair, if like us, your dining space is carpeted. It’s saved us a fortune on Vanish.
  2. Have a stash of flannels or old muslins you can dampen to hand. More economical than wipes and kinder to their delicate skin.
  3. Bibs that have sleeves! Ace wears a sleeved top with a plastic bib over the top. You’d think that’d be enough…but you should see the stains that still occur!!

And I think that’s it!

What are your weaning winners?!

Sian x

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