Mum and baby with a hip healthy sling

Hip Dysplasia- Hip and Back baby wearing with Carrying Connects

If you’ve been following me and my little blog for a while, you’ll know that Ace suffered with hip dysplasia and I’m pretty obsessed with all stuff hip health. You might also know that carrying him in the correct position in his Ergo Baby Carrier was instrumental in maintaining his hip treatment progress.

So now Ace is 8 months old (how the heck did that happen please?!) and VERY nosey, its time to think about new ways to carry him.

Carrying safely

Thanks once again to Ruth from Carrying Connects, I was able to learn the skills to safely hip and back carry from a professional.

Yes, there’s countless videos on YouTube, but nothing beats someone teaching you the steps first hand and assisting you if you go wrong. Carrying incorrectly is not only bad for your back, but could even be dangerous for little one.

Baby mum wearing Carrier

I’d presumed that carrying on my hip or back would be much trickier than on my front, but I couldn’t of been more wrong. Ruth made it all so easy, with a few simple directions. Beginning in a chest facing carry position, a few shuffles and minor manoeuvres, and baby is safely in their new position.

What about forward facing?

There is very few carriers that support a babies hips in a forward facing position. Which is of the upper most importance for hip dysplasia babies. In fact, the only one that’s recommended is the Ergo Baby 360, which maintains the same hip position in a forward or chest facing wear.

Baby back carry

If you aren’t sure about the positioning of yours, visit a sling consultant for a visual check.

What do you need to watch out for?

Like a chest facing carry, there is a few things to watch out for- TICKS.

TICKS used with permission of the UK Sling Consortium

TICKS used with permission of the UK Sling Consortium

Also, remember that the safest way for babies hips is to ensure they are supported from knee to knee in the M position, as you can see below.

 International Hip Dysplasia Institute

Image- International Hip Dysplasia Institute

Want more of an insight?

This month Ruth is holding a Back Carrying Workshop at Inspire Coffee Bar, Wallasey, between the hours of 10.30am-12pm on Saturday 29th July.

Costing only £20 per couple (wearing the same child) it’s a small price to pay for what could be an invaluable skill for months or years to come! The class is aimed at parents used to wearing a carrier and those whose baby can sit unaided.

Ruth can often be found at the Wirral Sling Library, but you can also book in for a private session, which is what we have had. They have both been invaluable.

You can find your nearest sling consultant and sling library by visiting Carrying Matters.

GIFTED- Ruth very kindly gifted my session but all thoughts above are very much my own.

Sian x

2 thoughts on “Hip Dysplasia- Hip and Back baby wearing with Carrying Connects

  1. ruthhaggismailcouk says:

    Thank you for your kind words Sian, it is always a pleasure to share the carrying love! I hope that you enjoy many more years of carrying Ace! And thank you for doing my makeup 🙂


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