Weaning Recipes for dairy allergies

When Ace had horrific colic whilst I was still attempting to breast feed, it was suggested I try to go dairy free in case he had an intolerance.

He didn’t and thankfully the colic subsided.

Jump 6 months ahead and Ace was enjoying porridge with milk, overnight oats with yogurt and scrambled eggs on some smashed avo. Definitely no dairy issues over here.

Tummy bug = intolerances

That was until we had the month of tummy bug hell. Three bouts of D and V in a 4 week period left little ones tum in a totally different state.

Suddenly Ace was covered in eczema with an egg and dairy intolerance. Pretty common apparently after tummy bugs, and we were told to try dairy every 3 weeks until the intolerance disappeared.

Which it luckily now has. 🤞🏻

Weirdly enough he was always fine with his formula (HiPP organic) which is really common apparently!

Adjusting to life dairy free

During these few months I’ve found it so tricky to find dairy free recipes, for breakfast especially, and relied on a few faves.

So, I thought them share here!

Porridge with coconut milk and blueberries and raspberries

  • I blitzed the oats when we started weaning so they were a finer consistency. Usually around 20g.
  • Add your coconut milk (100ml) and stir. I used both fresh and long life. Both tasted the same and worked well. You could also use soya, almond, oat etc etc.
  • Pop in the microwave (or hob if you prefer, I’m just lazy!!) 90 secs, stir, 90 secs, stir, 30 secs and cool
  • Mix in your fruit. I liked to use berries, bananas or mango. Frozen berries are great, just remove from freezer 20 mins before
  • You can also add seeds or nut butters for extra protein!

Chai seed pudding with canned coconut milk and mango

This one is pretty random, but works a treat!! Lasts in the fridge for 3 days and really transportable!

  • Simply mash up some mango
  • Add this to 3 table spoons of chai seeds and a can of coconut milk (I used the full can, A LOT more than the 15 table spoons suggested in the recipe!) in a kilner jar. Sprinkle over some cinnamon.
  • Mix well and leave in the fridge overnight!
  • The next day you can serve with more fruit, such as mashed banana!

Banana pancakes

  • Mashed one banana, add 60ml of your chosen milk and 60g oats. Stir until a thick batter
  • Heat a little coconut oil in a pan
  • Spoon into the pan in little scotch pancake size circles
  • Turn after a couple of minutes.
  • Cool and slice into fingers. I topped mine with peanut butter and you could even serve with a side of dairy free yogurt

Even though Ace can now enjoy cows milk, I’m going to still incorporate coconut, almond and oat milk into our diets. I found them so refreshing and I don’t particularly want him to consume excessive amounts of cows milk after how upset his system was last time. Just a personal choice that’s all.

What are you’re favourite dairy free recipes?!

Sian x

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