Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek

Kryolan is a brand I have been aware of for over 10 years now, and one that has created some of my all time favourite kit staples. What I would do if I lost any of Dermacolour palettes, god only knows!

 For the average beauty shopper however it seems Kryolan is a brand known by very few. Especially amongst my friends at home in the North, who found themselves in beauty heaven when I introduced them to my favourite items from the range in London’s Charles Fox last weekend.

Charles Fox and their imaginative window!

If you too are new to this brand, then here is a quick overview of the important bits you should know!

  • The brand was started by Arnold Langer, and now run by his grandchildren. A real family company!
  • Launched in Berlin in 1945, they have been supplying make-up to TV and Theatre for over 66 years
  • Kryolan has an extensive range of over 16,000 products and is a favourite with professionals
  • They use their own recipes and formula’s to manufacture their own products
  • Kryolan products have never been tested on animal

Recently, Kryolan’s newest product Lip N’ Cheek has been brought to my attention, and quickly made its way into my kit bag! This multi-purpose product is available in 11 shades, from beautiful nudes to bolder hues, they all create a soft subtle hint of colour. It is also water resistant, making it ideal for weepy brides, those with oilier skin and for us gym bunnies! Who doesn’t want to look good at the water cooler?!

The three shades I have been using are of the orange tone family.
Hibiscus, is perfect for a very natural, daytime glow. Petunia adds a pretty apricot hue whilst Poppy gives that kick of tangerine, sheer enough for even the most bright shy. All three looked lovely against my ivory skin tone but I think Poppy will look come into its own against a sun kissed tan!

Packaged similar to a lip gloss, with an angled applicator for ease of use, you get a mighty 10ml of product within a handy size tube. Ideal for your make-up bag or that unused handbag pocket!

Whats really clever is the formula. Its smooth enough to easily blend using your fingers onto the cheek area, yet applies precisely to instantly stain the lip area. Although I’m a fan of matte lipstick, I did prefer applying a touch of lip balm about 10 minutes before the tint and a a small top up after, just to stop my lips looking a little chapped.
I’m sure once the warmer weather arrives this will be unnecessary, but until then, its balm all the way for me!

Overall, this is definitely a product I will be investing more into- especially the girly pink shade Lotus, which I think will fly off the shelves of Charles Fox this summer! So, if you are looking for a pretty flush, perfect for the summer sun or emotional weddings, look no further than Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek. 

Hibiscus, Poppy and Petunia

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