My 5 minute morning make up routine

It doesn’t seem right to have a blog called Flicks and Red Lips and yet have to scroll over two years back to find my latest beauty blog.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a reason for that. As much as I still ADORE my job as a make up artist, I fell completely out of love with the fashion and beauty blogging world. It suddenly became over saturated and dog eat dog. So after a time writing for Style LDN and guest blogging for Really Ree I hung up my iPad and wrote in other ways.

The five minute face

Anyway! Back to now, and I thought it’s probably about time I shared my speedy morning make up routine with you, as I feel I have that down to a fine art… as long as Ace plays ball!

Everyone’s different, but for me, wearing my usual full face of make up and red lip makes me feel more confident, awake and on top of life. So it was important for me to make the effort early on to get my warpaint back on, which I did on postpartum day 3. In fact, probably one of proudest mum achievements is contouring whilst attempting to breast feed 😂

Now I’m back at work it’s even more crucial that my route is as speedy as possible, every minute counts.

So here’s what I do! Are you ready for some seriously cringe photos?!

Step by step

  1. Always begin with good skincare! I wash my face (usually whilst brushing my teeth for speed!) and then apply a serum and day cream. Make up free

Before- tired, tired, tired!!

2. Conceal those dark circles!!! I use a concealer wheel, and choose something with a slight pink tone to counteract the darkness and brighten my peepers. A must for the morning after those horrendous nights.

Under eye concealer

Bags be gone!

3. To turn my tired complexion into a flawless canvas I stipple on L’Oréal True Match with a damp beauty blender. You don’t even need a mirror for this and I’ve done it whilst winding, rocking and getting myself dressed. You know, all in the name of time saving 😂

Flawless skin essentials

Flawless skin essentials

4. Palettes are another saviour. I buff a little bronzer into my socket line and under my cheekbone, a little highlight on the top cheekbone and finish with a sweep of blush over my apples. All from my trusty Nars palette and Peaches and Cream Brushes.

Bronzer as contour

Let’s find some cheekbones!!

5. I swear by HD brows (from the amazing Rachel) To save me minutes in the morn, but when they are a bit out of sorts Illamasqua Thunder powder and brow brush give me just enough to frame my face. Remember to use light, hair stroke movements to keep it looking natural.

Shaping brows

Face framing brows

6. A line of eyeliner and lashings of mascara will finish off your eyes, and make it look like you made a real effort. Bonus points if you dab a little highlighter in the inner corner too. Short on time? Ditch the eyeliner!!

Mascara and eyeliner

Show off those peepers

7. The final stretch! Lipliner and a liquid lip stain. Which I apply in the lift from our flat to the car park. I’ve done it day in day out for so long, I no longer need a mirror. Finish with a spritz of fixing spray for some extra longevity.

The grand reveal

Red lip make up

Finished and feeling much more awake!

Voila! 5 minutes well spent for me, as I know I’ll feel much more awake and on top of mum life in general when a catch a glimpse of myself and see a red lip staring back.

What are you morning must haves?

Sian x

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